For as long as I can remember my camera has been a part of my everyday life. Whether taking pictures of friends with a disposable camera in elementary school, constantly shooting and getting film developed at Eckerd Drug in my hometown of Wake Forest in the 90's, or shooting with a digital camera for the first time while in college at UNC, capturing life's moments has always been an avid passion of mine.

I'm a 2005 UNC-Chapel Hill graduate with a communications degree concentrating in media production. It was in college that I perfected my "eye for photography" through many film, videography, digital editing and photography classes. I bought my first Canon Rebel while a Senior at UNC, and with that purchase took my love of photography to another level by focusing on dancers and capturing their movement onstage with low-lighting and no flash. I also happily brought my camera along to many weddings, birthdays, trips and plenty of life events in general, often times shooting hundreds of pictures and providing discs with the images as gifts to loved ones. I never pursued photography as a "job", but rather as a passion while I worked in radio in my early 20's as well as at a dance studio for 7 years.

I decided to go back to school to be a nurse in the fall of 2013. I've always felt a calling to help others in the healthcare industry. I realized during my nursing school orientation that it would be very hard to have a full time job while in school. This realization led me to officially start my photography business, finally putting myself out there as a professional photographer in hopes that I could have the opportunity to capture memorable moments in others lives while also obtaining my nursing degree on a flexible schedule.

My photography business continued to grow in the years that I was in nursing school. I gained so many wonderful clients who were very patient while I scheduled sessions around clinical rotations and working long hours at the hospital. From 2013 to now, I have become a full time nurse, gotten married, moved to Charlotte, and will now be relocating again back to the Triangle area. In 2016 I was not able to put as much energy into my photography as I have in the past and I truly missed it. Planning my own wedding, relocating and changing nursing jobs all in one year made my availability very scarce but I hope to change that this year!

I do not look at photography as a job, but something I absolutely love to do and something that is and always has been a part of my life. I have wonderful friends and family who encouraged me for years to pursue this dream and am still so appreciative of their support.

My hopes and dreams for taking my photography to the next level include giving back to my local community through my business. One of my New Year's resolutions is to get more involved with programs that I feel make a positive difference in the Triangle and beyond. I plan on using a percentage from each photo session to go towards good, charitable causes. I am currently in contact with foster children agencies in the area in hopes of offering complimentary shoots for children in foster care. My hope is that foster children will not only have an opportunity to have a nice portrait of themselves but that these portraits may be useful in the adoption process. I would also like to start offering discounted photo shoots to families of public servants, whether that be police officers, military families, teachers, or fire fighters. My hope is that every session you book with me will end up making a difference in the lives of others.

When you schedule a session with me, don't be surprised if I get giddy to the point that you would think I'm at a Justin Timberlake concert! (and yes I'm a HUGE JT fan)  I truly love bringing out the best in others and capturing inner beauty while maintaining artistic integrity in every picture. I pride myself in creating aesthetically appealing works of art when I shoot using natural light. Don't worry, we will have plenty of posed, "normal" photos, but some of my favorite shots happen when they are unexpected, natural and represent real life. I promise you will have a unique experience and more importantly, a lot of fun.

I'm available for the following:
* Weddings
* Commercial or business Headshots
* Family portraits
* Children sessions, from newborn-adult
* High School senior portraits
* High School & College cap and gown sessions
* Engagement sessions
* Maternity sessions
* Dancer portfolios
* Birthday parties
* Pre-Prom shoots
* Dance recitals
* Any event where a free-lance photographer is needed

Please contact me through my website, via my business Facebook page: or at [email protected] to inquire about pricing and to book your sessions! Thank you for visiting my site and have a wonderful day!