This album includes some pictures from Gala 3 dress rehearsal, the actual gala and outdoor shots after the show. Make sure you scroll all the way through the album so you don't miss any shots.

All pictures in this album are available for purchase as prints or as an electronic file that you can download. You will need to select the photos you would like by clicking on them, choosing your size in the right column, and adding to your shopping cart. You can also "right-click" on the picture to choose the "Buy" option or "Add to Favorites" option. Once purchased, if you share these pictures on a social media site such as Facebook, all I ask is that you "tag" my business page @Brooke Roberson Photography to give proper photo credit.
Prices are discounted through June 30th and will go up July 1st.

* IMPORTANT! If ordering prints, make sure you check your CROPPING. For example, if you order a 5x7, the computer will automatically crop and if you don't double check, sometimes it will inadvertently cut something out of the picture.

* Please note that pictures are sold "as is". In a few of the numbers the stage lighting was really dark, therefore the pictures may appear slightly grainy if blown up to a 5x7 or bigger. Click on the image to view it in a big size on your computer before purchasing to make sure you are satisfied with the quality. The logo will NOT appear on your purchased pictures.

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions :) email: [email protected]
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